Chicken Coop part 2

It’s been about 2 months since I moved the chicks into the coop, so it’s high time I write an update. It’s not 100% finished yet – I still need to install a nesting spot in their loft, and I’d like to replace the chicken wire with a more secure hardware cloth when the funds come in (so probably years from now). But! Here’s how it looks for now:



I used exterior paint that we already had on hand, which happened to match the trim on our own house, so I like to think of this as a mini house for the hens. I’ve only painted the outside and parts of the inside since I wanted to use as little paint as possible, but the inside of the doors are forming little bits of mold so I’m going to need to paint inside too. I thought all of the wood I bought was okay to use outdoors without a sealant. I’ve learned a lesson there for sure.

I added doors to both sides of the loft to keep the chickens safely locked in at night. The egg-collecting door in the back is cut from 3/4″ plywood, and the door on the inside is made from 4 2x4s cut at 60 degrees to form a triangle, then fitted with 1/2″ hardware cloth in the middle. This adds extra ventilation for the girls and is very secure against any predators which may try to break in under cover of night.

There’s also a larger door on one side that is perfect for letting the chickens out to free-range. It also happens to be the perfect size for a toddler who thinks the coop is just another playhouse. Here’s my favorite lady, Delilah, wondering if it’s time to come out now.


The roof cap was purchased from Home Depot in 4′ lengths, which was perfect for my 8′ project. It’s a plastic-like material that I screwed down into the 2x4s on top. It’s been highly effective in keeping the coop dry, and with the screws in place, it’s quite sturdy too.


That’s all for now – look out for a part 3 after I get the loft decked out with a nesting area. My deadline is September when these pullets start paying their rent in delicious eggs!





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